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Disaster & Storm Recovery Support


Currently, Highway 1 on the Big Sur coast remains closed due to slides and washouts from ongoing winter storm events. Residents and workers are isolated from the outside world, and from each other in some cases.

Beginning in late December, 2022, residents were isolated between one of six road closures. The most recent closure on the north end of Big Sur at Rocky Creek was due to a slip out on March 30, 2024.

This means that supplies of food, fuel, medications and mail are unreliable. As Big Sur depends on visitors economically, there is a major impact to our families.

The Big Share has participated in five major resupply missions to the South Coast, and continues weekly distribution of food to the northern community. 

The efforts of our volunteers and funds from donors make this possible.

As disasters are inevitable, our team continues to monitor the needs of our community, and be ready for the ongoing support.

When you donate, your dollars go directly to purchasing supplies and fueling vehicles for transport.

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