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We believe that sharing is the heart of a community. The Big Share creates opportunities for the Big Sur community to share food, support, and connection.

Even in the best of times, we only thrive as a community if we consider and care for each other.

The culture of sharing builds a community that can face any challenge.

As we know, challenge is inevitable, especially along the remote 70 mile stretch of coast that is Big Sur.
Our goal is to encourage a sharing culture in which the health and wellness of our community becomes sustainable.

What if we woke up every day and asked "what do I have to share today?"

We believe there is an abundance to be shared right here, everyday, within our community. 

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Kodiak Greenwood Photography

we believe there is plenty for everyone

the big SHARE.

Our community comes together to share food, smiles and the belief that sustainability is attainable. 

Currently we are sharing farm fresh produce and other pantry staples at The Village, every Monday from 12-2, and Thursday 4:30-6:30pm rain, wind or shine.

We love seeing neighbors shop for food and then deliver to their friends and families. Come join us!


the Garden Projects...
Grow More. Share More.

We often have excess in our garden, and we know many of our neighbors do too.

In 2021 we launched our Garden Program to focus on existing gardens within Big Sur that needed attention or expansion. We currently have 4 pilot project gardens that we hope will inspire other local gardeners to grow more, so that we can share more. 

If you have an abundance, or just a bit extra, bring it to the Monday SHARE or contact us if you need a pick up. And if you don't have plenty, we would love to help you GROW MORE! Just ask us for help!

Kodiak Greenwood Photography
Kodiak Greenwood Photography
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46475 Pfeiffer Ridge Rd

Big Sur, CA 93920




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