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Garden Program Fundraiser
June 11th, 5-9pm

Henry Miller Memorial Library, Big Sur, CA

Creating and improving local gardens is our main focus for 2021 and beyond. Now, we need your help to create a sustainable local food culture in Big Sur.


Also, we want to celebrate with you and thank you for the amazing shares you have offered this last year. 

Entry is limited so come early! As always, please carpool.

We gratefully suggest a donation of $20 per person.

Tie Dye Party with Katie (5-7pm)


Bring a t-shirt or fabric, or choose from Katie's collection.

This will be fun for kids and adults!

Pizza by our team and  COAST (5-8pm)


If you don't know yet, you should: Nick's recipe is THE BEST. With his support, our team will serve up pizza loaded with local Big Sur veggies.

Silent Auction

Dinner Outside

Your neighbors have been putting together some of the sweetest offerings that will be up for bid. Local experiences, food, wine, flowers, and more!

Now, the moment you all have been waiting for...

Matt Nice & The Derls (7-9pm)

The Derls is a psychedelic rock group formed by Matt Nice that engages in different styles and member line-ups that are ever-changing. Their first full length album "On Falling Star" was just released. This will be their first show post quarantine, and we can't wait!

It is time to celebrate our community!
We look forward to seeing you!

Please be courteous and follow current Covid protocols.
If you can't join us, we will be sad, but you can still contribute here.
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